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What makes Man Machine Electronics Systems the industry leader?


Anything less than perfect is not good enough. Each and every machine we sell, parts and services too; are 100% guaranteed. With 100 systems available, along with one of the largest & most diversified inventories of refurbished medical equipment in the India, Man Machine should be your first choice.


Companies come and go, but since 1994 no other company can boast a better track record for excellence and reliability than Man Machine Electronics.

Service & Technical Ability

At Man Machine Electronics, we employ a staff of full-time engineers and technicians, something that is very rare in our industry. Brokers are o.k. to do business with--until you have a technical problem. Take it from people that have been there: Don't take chances with companies that can't show you a full service technical facility.

Cost Effective Price/Value

We know the market, we do the volume and we buy direct--therefore, if our prices aren't the lowest you need to ask why. The answer may be contained in items 1 through 4 above. Man Machine Electronics provides the highest level of assurance. Get it. It works! Just ask our customers!

Man Machine Electronics Competitive Edge - Our Service Guide.

How it all happens - The Stages

Our goal is to provide a guaranteed, reliable end product to our clients. To accomplish this goal, each phase of the vending process is supervised by a quality assurance team with years of experience in their specialized field. Here is a description of the Man Machine Electronics process, the stages, and how it all happens: inspection schedules.


The greatest advantage of doing business with Man Machine Electronics is our ability to transform used equipment into a reliable diagnostic tool which performs and looks like new. Our staff is able to take a system apart, replace worn or damaged components, reintegrate the system and apply a cosmetic facelift. We do this with great care so the consumer never doubts the decision to purchase refurbished instead of new equipment.

Services: at-a-glance

At Man Machine Electronics each system we sell, including parts, is 100% guaranteed. So are our services. Here's the kind of service that backs up and ensures Integrity Medical's quality

Complete Verified Quality

Our trained technical staff provides service reports, photographs of equipment on site, images from operating systems and Pre-Removal Preventive Maintenance.

Technical Support

Including expert advice on service in the pre-installation and/or reinstallation stages, full system documentation, service manuals and schematics.

Parts Support

Including New & used X-Ray and CT Scanner Tubes and quality used replacement parts (Spares).

Electronic, Mechanical and Cosmetic Refurbishing

Our full-time engineers are available to refurbish systems to "like new" condition at your request.

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